Angels wear white: the most important thing is not to be changed by the world, instead of changing the world.

There are too many things needed to be expressed after I saw The angels wear white.

Wen Hao, who just won the Best Director Award at the 54th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony with the only Chinese film “Carnival” selected for the Venice Film Festival~ plus the coincident red, yellow and blue child abuse incident Let the film in the cinema line be a little bit more at the moment~

As a film that can be seen in the country and can see such a theme on the screen, we will talk about what it is better for the child to invade at the current stage and afterwards, from what the director wants to tell us through the work. Eliminate, how to better and effectively protect children from harm.

Wen Hao chose a different rendering method that was completely different from “The Furnace” and “Su Yuan” to tell the audience to use the more forbearing, calm, and sleazy way to let the audience think. What would happen after such a thing happened, why? What happens is this kind of society, how people in all roles at all levels treat such incidents, and how they are invisible, so that some people can breed crimes about children. This seemingly very rational and calm attitude is indeed what we need now in the era of anger and anger. The sustainable development is also after we read it, let us fall into meditation and heartache~ The literary genre is a woman, so the angle she portrays is also an accurate interpretation of the position of women in the current social environment. Wen Hao said this: society is impetuous, embarrassing, just like a carnival, but behind these, there are too many things hidden, too many things we can’t see, even some people will turn a blind eye to this. In the carnival, people are excited, dopamine is excessive, and the relationship between them is shallow. For the moment, it is a big and empty beauty.

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