The inheritance and opportunity of the film festival culture

The internationally renowned film festival is a major event in the global film industry. Different film festivals are distinctive, such as the commercial style of the Academy Award, the art genre of the Cannes Film Festival, the inclusiveness of the Toronto Film Festival, and the novelty of the Tokyo Film Festival. In the context of the era of globalization, the International Film Festival plays a role in absorbing diversity and communication. The festival features a bridge that interacts with world film art ideas, creative ideas, and resources. The festival’s culture is as wonderful as a movie, not only the mainstream film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, and Venice, but also different types of theme film festivals. For example, Sundance Film Festival, Avant-garde Film Festival, Art Film Festival dedicated to independent film; Reunion Film Festival, Silent Film Festival dedicated to revival of film; Jewish Film Festival, Women’s Film Festival focus on identity distinction; and special type film festival: International Love Film Festival, International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, International Short Film Festival, Travel Film Festival, Fans Film Festival.


The film industry has developed rapidly, and various films have decorated the film festival in a colorful way. The film festival is in full swing and counteracts the film culture, making it reflect the rational prosperity. The film festival can more actively define the film culture from the cultivation of the audience because the film at the festival is not bound by the box office. In addition to film selection, the film festival can also shape the aesthetics of film by funding the film. For example, the Adelaide Film Festival provides investment in Australian films and puts the world premiere of some films at the festival. The World Film Fund at the Berlin Film Festival annually supports filmmakers in Africa, Latin America, and other regions through budgets.

During the film festival, fresh elements can be found. For example, the “New Film International Forum Unit” founded by the Berlin Film Festival focuses on the new trends and new voices of the world’s movies and support those directors who have just started their careers in film. The Tribeca Film Festival sponsored a number of cross-media projects to recognize creators who tell stories based on web or multimedia platforms. The Sundance Film Festival and the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival also selectively submit digital art and interactive media works. The mission of the festival is further extended to reshape the film culture.


All aspects of the festival, including planning, publicity, platooning, and screening, are all part of the film culture, affecting the film industry and popular culture. For example, the Shanghai International Film Festival focuses on the shaping of film culture and the cultivation of audience groups. The Beijing Film Festival contains the charm of Chinese traditional culture. In the large-scale activities of the film festival, traditional Chinese cultural elements such as Chinese martial arts, Beijing opera, calligraphy and folk art were embodied. The festival not only focuses on the output of Chinese culture but also balances Western culture. The film festival will integrate Chinese and Western cultures, strengthen the sense of identity of Chinese culture, and embrace the differences between different cultures.




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