A new thinking about MIFF triggered by a movie

In my mind, when it comes to the festival, the things that pop up are the red carpet, the shining stars and the gorgeous costumes. Because I only focus on something superficial, but don’t think about the significance behind the film festival. However, when I learned some knowledge about film festival, I had a rethink about it. A complete film festival consists of film professionals, the cinemas, stars, cinephiles, trade magazines and so on. A good film festival can create a lot of value. It can serve as a gatekeeper and taster, presenting a wide range of films for the audience, including feature films, short films, documentaries, animated films, experimental films and multimedia films. It can be used as a brand of the city, and also bring great benefits to the city.

The Melbourne International Film Festival is Australia’s first International Film Festival. The venue is held in Melbourne once a year for two weeks. The main purpose of Melbourne International Film Festival is to understand the film situation in the world, to promote close cooperation between Australian film workers and foreign film workers, and to contribute to the development of Australian film industry. Every year, Melbourne Film Festival shows a wide range of local films to celebrate the brilliant achievements of the film and to commend the artistic contributions made to all areas of the film industry. The festival will show about 300 films in 18 days and present the latest developments in Australian and international film circles, presenting a wide range of films from all over the world, often fresh and highly controversial. MIFF also has its own economic capital, social capital, cultural capital and symbolic capital.,

On August 8, my friends and I went to MIFF and watched a movie called Undermined: tales from the Kimberley. It is a documentary, directed by Nicholas Wrathall, about the real cost of development in the world’s famous Kimberley, where huge mining and pastoral developments threaten not only the primitive environment, but also the sacred ties of more than 200 indigenous communities and their people to the state. The invasion of large numbers of immigrants, the over-exploitation of resources and the destruction of the environment have all caused hardship to the lives of the Australian aborigines. I saw people feeling sad and angry, fighting bravely and protesting. After the movie, applause continued. It was a good film because it drew people to think, to use resources, to respect the aborigines, to protect the environment, to support power. So as gatekeeper and taster, the festival does not leave some popcorn movies, but brings some deeper meanings to the film. There are many other interesting movies in MIFF, such as Old beast, an elephant sitting still, Une Affaire de Famille… These movies may not be the kind of beautiful and harmonious films, but it must reflect some phenomenon, let people think. It may be depressed, but it is an example of real existence and society. Maybe after watching the movie, people will think about certain phenomena and some groups. Such a film is a good film in my heart, and the movie that promotes change is worth respecting.

This time many films at MIFF I feel very worth watching, may not have the opportunity to watch in the cinema, the back of the line has resources I will certainly see. What is your view plan?



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