​Film festival is not that far away from us

MIFF provides me a chance to start to know what a film festival is. Honestly, I never attended a film festival before. In my mind, films festival is quite far away from our daily life, and it is the thing happens to those who work with films, such as film stars, producers, and filmmakers. It is only a few clicks on my computer that I need to acquire the e-ticket to participate in an international film festival is out of my previous perception. In other words, maybe I do not have an understanding of the film festival before.

Additionally, things had kept refreshing when I was watching the Chinese film AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL at the festival. To my amazement, many people from other countries, not China, also stood in the queue to wait for this film. As a Chinese citizen, I was so glad that Chinese film can attract many people around the world at that time. I also noticed that most of them held a glass of drink in their hands and were chatting and laughing with their accompaniers. The atmosphere they created was more like a party. According to this effect, I felt more excited than before. Furthermore, as for me, waiting in the queue for being seated instead of picking the seat when buying the ticket increases the anticipation of the festival.

When the movie started, I found another interesting point. Its artistic expression is different from other films that I watched in cinemas, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the longest film I have ever seen, up to 230 minutes. The whole film is about the struggling life of four obscure persons. They suffered from existing life, and consider the elephant sitting in the circus of Manzhouli is their last hope. The film ends with an elephant’s call, which releases space for viewers to fulfill. Though this film is much longer than other ones, every second of it is enjoyable. Unfortunately, there remains a long way for this film to show at the cinema because it only showcases film festival now for time limitation.

When the film end, all viewers clapped hands. I guessed that other viewers, the same as me, wanted to show our appreciation for this excellent film, but this does not often happen in the cinema. Maybe it is related to the atmosphere. Then, I started to think it over, this experience was almost the same as I went to the cinema, but I somehow felt more excited than before. Perhaps I was affected by the celebration of the film festival and participated in it rather than just sat and watched the film as before. It reminds me that the film festival is not that far away from us. Participating in MIFF starts my journey to it.

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